Try Something New: Get Active on Your Newquay Holiday!

April 16, 2013 at 3:27 pm

What do you think the ingredients are for a perfect holiday?

It all depends on what you’re looking for, of course. It’s certainly the case that people come to Newquay for all sorts of reasons. Dedicated surfers, families, campers, culture fans or people simply looking for a party; Newquay sees them all. Great times make for great memories. One very useful piece of advice for making a holiday truly memorable is to make an effort to try something different – even if it’s just the once. You’re on holiday after all! We get a few weeks’ break each year when we can step out of our bubble and forget about our daily routine. Looking at it this way, a holiday is a perfect time to dive into something you’ve never experienced before.

It’s difficult to think about Newquay without surfing springing to mind. In fact
some people might say that to come to Newquay without checking out the
surf is like going to Paris and not taking a look at the Eiffel Tower. What’s
certainly the case is that the Newquay area boasts some of the finest surfing
beaches in the country including Watergate Bay, Porth Beach and Lusty
Glaze to name but a few. Are you thinking you need to be a pro to surf in
Newquay? Think again. The range of beaches is such that there are plenty of
options to suit all abilities, no matter what the weather. Maybe you’ve been on
numerous holidays and gazed out with envy at the surfers and wished you
could join in? Perhaps you think that the chance has passed you by and that
you’re too old to start? Take it from us; you’re never too old. As anyone
connected with a Newquay surf lodge will tell you, there are plenty of folk
who have their first experience of surfing in their fifties and sixties –
sometimes older, and never look back! You’re never too young either. If you
want your kids to get active on holiday, trust us; there’s no better way to do it
than an introduction to surfing. Don’t forget, for the duration of your time here
in Newquay, it’s all on your doorstep. Don’t worry about buying expensive kit;
you can hire everything you need. Get yourself down to a Newquay surf
lodge and check it out for yourself.

It’s not all about surfing on the Newquay beaches if you’re looking to get
active on holiday. Take a look at the possibility of power kiting, kayaking, beach buggies and sea fishing to name but a few. Make it your resolution to give something new a try this year. Don’t forget; you’re much more likely to regret the things you haven’t tried than the things you have!

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